Editing and modifying closed poly surface

Hello all. I’m new to Rhino and am slowly but surely getting up to speed.

One problem that I seem to have is with editing a closed poly surface - there doesn’t seem to be any reasonable way to do it, even after working my way through manuals and tutorials. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Say you draw a shape (curve), such as a heart. Then you extrude that curve, so the heat shape has some thickness. It is now a closed poly surface. Now you want to change the shape of the heart, for example, to make one lobe a different shape than the other. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this. You could explode the solid, and then edit the curves, but now the top and bottom surfaces do dot match the sides anymore. Is there no way to modify a solid like this after it is made?


maybe try CageEdit command

Before you do the extrude, set “History” to on. Now when you edit the curve, i.e. by setting PointsOn and manipulating the points, the extrusion will follow that. I do not use that much and it certainly will have its limits, but it does work in the simple example above.