Ending raytraced prematurely

Hi David
I will do the test you requested but not today, I’m very busy at the moment.
PS Denoiser’s effect is not easily seen at the raytraced vieport, more obvious when render is running.

Hi @Piotr,

Any luck testing?


I have tried yesterday, actually. Canceling Raytraced in V7 froze the session and I’ve had to kill it in a task manager.

Hi @Piotr,

Does this freeze happen every time? If it does, please create a crash dump like you’ve done before and send it to us.

There is a dump file, about 100MB. I will send it to you.


It looks like VisualARQ is part of the call stack in the crash dump. If you load-protect VisualARQ, does Rhino stop freezing? Keep in mind that you need to restart Rhino after load-protecting the plug-in.

If Rhino is still freezing after load-protecting VisualARQ, please create another crash dump and send it to me through Supportbee again.

I will check it soon. Probaly after the weekend i will be rendering some more.

Sorry @Piotr - I meant Tibidabo.rhp, which I first thought was VisualARQ because I did some googling. But I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s safest to load-protect both Tibidabo.rhp and also VisualARQ.rhp.

I had some issues with VA (it is loading GH without my permission each time I launch new RH session) and I was advised by VA guys to disable Tibidabo, meaning it comes from them (whatever it is doing).

Disabling those two didn’t help. Rhino is still freezing.