End/Perpendicular snapping failing randomly

Hi all,

Has anyone else noticed that the end snapping sometimes fall asleep, nothing snaps? I’ve also noticed this happening with perpendicular snapping, but I use that much less often.

I’ll see if I can get it to be repeatable. Just me experiencing this (BTW it’s happening with polysurfaces and curves)



Hi Gustavo,

The Osnaps only work if the object is really visible. You cannot snap to anything which is behind a shaded object. I don’t know when that behavior was changed in V6. It works if you switch to Ghosted display mode.

Recently I had the situation where a rough render mesh covered the snap target “incorrectly” and Osnap used Near instead of End. Resulting model was not accurate so I tend to call this a bug.


There is a setting “Snap to occluded” that was added in V6 - essentially because people complained about snapping ‘through’ objects. If that box is checked, then you can snap through objects in shaded mode. If it is unchecked, you cannot.

The downside of having it unchecked is that the spatial determination is display-mesh based - so sometimes even visible objects like a point lying exactly on a surface cannot be selected because it is slightly “behind” the display mesh.

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Thanks Mitch,
Yes, that’s what I’d consider a bug. Maybe it can be improved…

Yeah, I complained about this a long time ago, ISTR Mikko saying that it wouldn’t really be easy to tune up.

Thanks Jess, Mitch,

I’m talking about situations where there is not other object/surfaces in from. I see corners of a model tight inform of me, and snapping is not working.

If its rendermesh is incorrect occluding the underlying geometry, then this is a massive bug that should be fixed as top priority to any features. This did not used to be a problem and is not a regression I can just accept. Snapping is a fundamental basic functionality.

I’ve been modeling a lot in the last two weeks, like all day long, most days, and I’m shaking my head every single hour about how many rough edges there are all around in modeling tool, selection, sub selection, gumball, modeling aids like snapping, shading and navigation.

When things slow dow a bit I’ll try to document the worse offenders. But I think more people in McNeel should do the same.