2D shape morph along curves

Hi all,

I am working on a script for morphing a diamond grid into a circle with a curve attractor.

The morphing of the shapes along the centre of the grids is working, but i can’t seem to combine it so they morph along the curve.

Any ideas?


morph shapes.gh (15.3 KB)

Hope this helps you out.

Rhombus To Circle_re.gh (16.8 KB)


Great Thanks! exactly the effect I was trying to get!

Hello, I am interested in playing around with this algorithm for GH. I’d like to morph hexagons into circles, but a bit more linearly. I down loaded the .gh file linked to the image, but Rhino 7/GH doesn’t recognize the file. Do older GH files work with Rhino 7? I can always build the algorithm via the image but I’m not very familiar with the Symbols on each input/command. I’m fairly new to GH. Any insight into morphing arrayed hexagons to circles in a linear direction? I would like it to follow a more organic path, but I think I could achieve that just by deleting elements from the rectangle. I’ll post a quick(and sloppy) reference image of what I’m trying to achieve.

So I was able to construct most of the algorithm. I’m could not figure out what input/command the two white boxes at the middle bottom are. I thought they might be inputs so I just made two number sliders and set the top one to 1 and bottom one to 0. All of the commands across the bottom up to the “remap numbers” as well as the “boundary surfaces” are orange, which I think is due to an empty point input, but I’m not sure what to input there.

Try to input some points here(marked red) in the point param so that you can generate a nurbs curve(curve attractor).

Thanks for replying. I keep getting an error here that says “1. You must supply equal numbers of points and motion vectors”. I’ve tried inputting 2, 3, 4, and 5 points.