Enable Skylight Intensity control - how?

In the Render panel, Skylight Intensity parameter is there, but in most of my files and cases it is grayed out. Can it be enabled for any condition somehow or it works only in certain situations? I am a bit lost with this control…



It’ll be enabled only when there is an HDR background image (.exr, .hdr) in the environment. Without one there is no intensity control.

That said for Raytraced/Rhino Render there is no reason to have it not enabled. For that I logged RH-64218 Enabe intensity control in skylight even without HDR texture.

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Thanks Nathan, I can see that now that with HDRI environment is it available. Would be great to make it work with basic ones too, often trying to find a light balance of sun and skylight in Rendered mode and now only Sun has this parameter always enabled.

I don’t know if rendered mode will be able to use skylight intensity like that. @DavidEranen may be able to respond to that.