Embossing an image for milling

Hello friends is there a way other than height field that I could create a millable panel by embossing and image. I am attaching a sample image for example. I would like to do it in grasshopper or rhino if there is other precise method than heightfield command.


Would displacement work for you?

Thank you for your reply Nathan. I did not know about displacement tool. It certainly looks helpful. Let me give it a try. Thanks a ton again.

Thank you for introducing about this method. I did run some tests, it could be better but I got a way to start. Thanks a lot Nathan.

@parametriccuriosity,it looks like your image you use to displace with already contains a lot of noise. If it is the one you posted in your original post then the resolution will not be enough to get a high-quality displacement. The best would be if you could find or create a grayscale version of the image. One that doesn’t contain shadowing as the one you posted.

Notice from the topic I linked you to that the images used to displace are all grayscale - black and white really.

So to get the high-quality result you also need high-quality input.

I hope that helps,