Displacement Mapping Quality


I’m using the 'Displacement ’ tool to create patterns on a surface. I cannot achieve a smooth looking mesh… I can only go this far and adjusting the settings makes no further improvement.


  1. Refined the surface mesh settings - set all values to 0, then set max edge length to 3.
  2. I have used a black and white map.
  3. I have then used the ‘Resample’ texture to soften the edges of the pattern.

Images and 3D data are attached.


displacement resolution.zip (5.1 MB)

You are downsampling from 3006x2308 to 128x128 (the U and V values). And that is then applied to your surface. The squares you see are pretty much the pixels of the resulting texture. You should use much higher values. Probably 3006x2308 with a bigger blur radius.

Here a version with U 3006, V 2308 and blur radius 0.1

And for fun a quick render in the Raytraced viewport mode of Rhino 6 with Afrikan polished teak material applied:


That’s great! I thought that was a real wooden panel for a second!
Love it.

I snapped this pic of Nathan working on your project




Nah, can’t be Nathan. The chainsaw looks like an old model Swedish brand Husqvarna chainsaw. As a former lumberjack I spotted it directly. The chainsaw is perhaps older than Nathan. At least it’s a pre-blender model.

But more important - real Finns don’t use Swedish products. :wink:

// Rolf

Correct. I am just a simple Dutch guy, living in Finland.

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Yes they do… :grinning:


Well yes, but only under audible protests.

My wife, which is from Finland, would never use a tool from Sweden, lets say a sissor, if there’s a finnish alternative. “Fiskar’s she says. Fiskar’s is good, it’s made in Finland.”. She expects me to simply accept the fact.

Her way of honoring her country of birth. What alternative do I have but to agree? :wink:

// Rolf

As you saud it yourself: it is a fact.

That said, the displacement tool can give very nice results (fact).

Hahaha :joy:

I do understand the Fiskars-scissors-thing. They’re the best :grinning:
However… This is what I use - for some other kind of cutting



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That grass-fed animal looks evil.

You seem to have have a big area to mow…

// Rolf

Yeah… and it’s Swedish :grinning: … and very effective :+1:


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