Embossing a bottle with a complex pattern

Hello guys!

Rhino and Fusion 360 noob here.

I am trying for two days now to get this done in Fusion360 but I ran out of solutions to try.

Someone suggested that Rhino might be my saviour.
From your experience, is this doable?

I have this bottle that I need to emboss with the pattern shown.

In fusion it can’t be done directly and I keep getting errors if I select more than 2-3 elements at a time to emboss. There are so many and hard to keep track of if I have to do this one by one.

A little context:

I have the pattern in an illustrator file that I exported as .dxf and then imported into Fusion.
Since is not possible in fusion to emboss faces that are curved more than a certain amount, I learned that I can use surrogate emboss - I emboss a cylinder in the middle of the bottle at a length that passes trough the face of the bottle and then cut it with a offset face. It works with other elements, but with the one in the photo as it’s made of many many points, it doesn’t.

The lenght of the pattern is the circumference of the cylinder.

I work/ed in various cad programs, so I know basic to intermediate stuff, but I used rhino only once in college, so please have mercy :sweat_smile:

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Hi @Teodor_Lup, check this cool displacement video by @BrianJ:


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How do you intend to use the result?
As Clements suggests, Displacement is a good option if you only need a mesh.