Ellipsoid from surface curves

Hi All,

Trying to design a mirror for reflection of waves within a pipe. All I have to work with are calculated curves in X and Y which must lie on the mirror surface.

The trimmed surface must then be merged into the internal pipe wall with smooth edges to avoid turbulence.

The mirror will be extracted from an ellipsoid but I can’t work out how to draw the solid so that the known curves lie on its surface.

Any help with the creating the surface and it’s merging would be much appreciated.

Any reason not to start with an ellipsoid with appropriate dimensions and trim to the desired size. Ellipsoids can be created using Ellipsoid command.

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Yeah… as David says, you can make an ellipsoid directly -If you have the full ellipses in each plane, you can place the center of the ellipsoid using the Cen osnap and then the extents of it with Quad or Int.



Your calculated curves

draw an elips that connects the corners

split your curves where they intersect

sweep1 with 3 of your splited curves (it should work when you select all 4 and click closed sweep but mine gave me an error)

mirror the surface and join.

Thanks all for the comments. Mission accomplished as a result. Mirror surface designed and prototype being machined atm. Here’s hoping it works as expected…