Elk Bldg data branch management

I’m trying to extrude bldg footprints I got from Elk based on the Bldg levels info of the OSM file. However, they are all on different branches for each list item. Is there anyway I can isolate based on a text heading? Additionally, I think I have to split the text after the colons to get the number of floors so that I could then multiply by a standard floor height to make the input of the extrusion distance. In my head this makes sense and should be simple, but the data itself is making it seem impossible.

I’ve attached both the Grasshopper script I started. Unfortunately I can’t upload the OSM Data.
Hoping someone can help

Bldg Extrusion.gh (11.1 KB)

Hey! You could look at the the text match component using a ‘RegEx’ expression for finding the item’s location in the list, using that to filter out unnecessary data, and then using ‘text split’ to get the data you want.
Both components are under ‘text’ in the ‘set’ tab.

I don’t know much about RegEx, but just found this which might help; http://www.rexegg.com/regex-quickstart.html

Quick Text Match.gh (8.2 KB)

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@Patt This worked perfectly! Thanks for the help!!

Don’t forget to filter out spelling mistakes etc. Everytime I used osm I found different ways how the taged it etc.
Just wanted to mention it, so you could take care of it.

@ikumar25 No worries! My first forum post :slight_smile: