Boston OSM Heights

I’m using Grasshopper and Elk to create a 3D map of the city of Boston, but there is not much heigh data in the OSM data I downloaded from the Open Street Map site.

Is there a data set which has more complete information?

Don‘t think so. You could filter out level number and set a default level height, for example 2,8m and extrude the buildings.
Also take care of spelling errors. The rest you can set random heights. Atm not at the computer. Tomorrow I can upload my definition.

Not the best example, because there is much randomness, but the first one I found on my Computer.

As you can see, some numbers have a m in the end. So I needed to remove them.

Or one Building, had also underground levels. Didn’t needed them, so I removed it.

And the Buildings where I hadn’t any height, were extruded by random numbers. You can choose the Domain, so it fits to the existing ones.

But you Need nearly always to search the text for Errors. Sometimes there is: “Building:levels:levels is approximate” or something like that.

Hope I could help you. (20.7 KB)