Elevator vs. Ortho


new file.
Let’s draw a line in the perspective viewport, starting somewhere.
We pick the first point, then drag the mouse.
When we press Shift, the line preview snaps to the axes, this is Ortho mode, ok.

When we press Ctrl (instead of Shift), nothing happens.
While the Elevator mode is expected.

Why is this?
Any special reason?
If not, it would be more than nice to have Elevatormode in this and similar cases.

Rem.: When we drag objects, Ctrl is working as expected.


I’m not sure how you envision that would work… After all, the screen is only 2D.

Just to be sure, the way it works now:
When you have placed your first point and you press Ctrl you need to click to identify a point on the C-plane above (or below) which you will place the next point.

I think the Help file article is pretty clear. Assuming you read it and didn’t understand, I’ll try a slightly different description…

Elevator mode does not work the same as Ortho. Elevator mode lets you select a 3D point using two clicks. If you make the first click with Ctrl held down, Rhino collects the X and Y coordinates. Let up an Ctrl and move the mouse. A white line, normal to the construction plane is shown above or below the CPlane based on your mouse position. A second mouse click supplies the missing Z component to the 3D coordinate and the point is established.

Hello John,

I understood the concept since ever.

But I wonder why dragging an object uses the elevator mode while CTRL is pressed.
The missing Z is from what in this case?

There is a difference between ‘pressing CTRL’ and ‘pressing and clicking a point’.

When I begin a polyline, I click the first point.
The next point could, while CTRL is pressed, could get the Z from the former point.

Ok, I see this would collide with the current mechanism.

In short:
Forget my thoughts about this.