Level elevation mark in section layout


Good morning,

I am a visualarq beginner in visualarq.
How do we make the level lines with elevation mark appear in the layout of the sections and elevations ?

Hello @tikito,

You can use this annotation style: https://www.food4rhino.com/en/resource/level-reference-elevation-mark?lang=es. Learn how to import it to VisualARQ here: How to upload and download VisualARQ styles in food4Rhino - VisualARQ.

Once you have imported the style to VisualARQ. you can create it as an annotation object:

Elevation mark

This is a nice tool, but the automatic recognition of which level the annotation style is placed on only works for models in meters. I think it is a pretty small adjustment that is needed for it to work with different units.

Hi @studioselva,

Thank you for reporting it. I tested it and I could reproduce it only with the “Level Mark VisualARQ” style in the “Millimiters” and “Inches” templates. Could you reproduce it with any other style or template?