Elements wont transfer from Rhino to Revit

For some reason, elements will not transfer from Rhino to Revit in one particular document.

If I try it in another document and then copy and paste them to the desired document, they are fine…Is there some sort of setting in the document in question is should change?

I know this is might be a difficult one to try and troubleshoot, so thankyou for any help!


Hi Chris, when you say ‘elements will not transfer’ what is the current workflow? any additional info would be really helpful. Thanks

More often than not transfer will be tripped up by tolerance, or a model being a long way from 0,0,0. Is one model a site model that has a site way out on civil coordinates space?

Units can also make a difference. Is the unit system different from one file to another?

Hi @chris17,

Rhino Inside Revit components that add building elements to the Revit document, do add those elements at the last Phase of the project.

May be your view is not showing those elements.

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies.

Phases in both files are the same, that issue had already caught me out on this particular project! Haha.

Both models are quite close to 0,0,0, and the tolerance in the rhino document is set to 0.1mm and 0.1 degrees.

I am trying to import these elements as a new component family.

As I said, it all works if I try and import them to a new file, but something is not working with this file specifically… I have uploaded a copy of the Grasshopper and Revit files, I cant send the rhino as its too big…
Transfer to Revit.gh (11.4 KB)

Again, thank you all so much for your help!


Hi Chris,

This only happens in one particular file? Creating a new project and running your script has no issues?

You can zip and upload larger files privately here, make sure to add a link to this thread in the comments.


Hi Japhy,

yes the problem is only with that one Revit file that was uploaded. Any rhino file is fine.