Get Revit Family full geometries

Hello All,

I am currently trying to find a way to replicate the Element.Geometry node from Dynamo.
The issue is that I would like to get the Generic Adaptive Families Reference Points also extracted along with the solids. Preferably getting also their attributes like the points names and use them while operating in a project file.
I haven’t seen any component so far in the ones available in Grasshopper, could this be done with a C# component or Python one?
I would dare to say that if Dynamo can get it so could Grasshopper, but my coding skills are pretty small to say the least.
Maybe if someone could help with this or already had any attempt in doing it, it would be mostly appreciated.

Thank you all for this great forum and all your help.

Hi Bruno, Try the Element Dependents Component.

Hello Japhy,

You were really fast in replying :smile:
You are spot on. I have tried it with the dependencies component and it gives me points now.
Is there a way to query their names as well?
I am using Reference Points not Placement (Adaptive) ones, so they do not have numbers for their order of sequence, instead I give them names myself.
Nevertheless this is already of great help.

Regards Bruno.