Elefront-Parameters not available on rhino properties panel


(Engsabbagh) #1

I am using Elefront 3.0.4 ,with rhino v5 SR14 64 bit/ GH0.9.0076
The Baked attribute to mesh rhino object are not available in the rhino/Properties panel!
Is there a way to see those Baked attributes in rhino .

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Did you click on green post it ?

(Rickson) #3

ElefrontProperties.rhp (138 KB)

This was provided by the Elefront Team for Rh 5


These parameters are stored under object’s UserText.
You have to use the GetUserText command in V5.
If you use V6, there is a new panel in object property to read/modify userTexts of selected objects.

(Rickson) #5

The file i posted will provide this interface for rhino 5, so you don’t have to use the GetUserText command in V5.