EleFront for Grasshopper

The EleFront plug-in is all about interaction with Rhino Objects and managing model data. The plug-in allows users to bake geometry to the Rhino model with the option of specifying attributes, including an unlimited amount of user text attributes by means of key-value pairs. This way it is possible to treat a 3d Rhino model as a data base, where each object “knows” what it is, what it belongs to, where it should go, who his friends are and when his next appointment with the dentist is.

This data can be used for analysis, but also for referencing objects back into Grasshopper, based on one or more filters defined by key-value pairs that were defined upon baking, or that were added to the geometry with the “modify attributes” component.

The main components in the suite are:

• Bake with attributes

• Reference by user text

• Reference by attributes

• Define attributes

• Read user text

• Read attributes

This plug-in was developed and financed by Front façade design and engineering, New York.

Download it now from food4Rhino…

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