How are "Elefront attributes" different from "User attributes"?

I wonder what’s special about “Get Elefront attributes” and “Modify Elefront attributes”.
It’s just key+value attributes, right ?

Is it some kind of branding ?

Its just usertext, although there is some special formatting they use specifically in their components.


Hi Rickson,

I understand that they use a specific Key/Value for the Bakename trick, but that does not justify the “Get Elefront attributes” or “Modify Elefront attributes” component, since these attributes can be read by their “Get User attributes” component which even has a separate output for bakenames !

Really, I find it more confusing than useful, or maybe there’s something I don’t understand.
Whatever it is, I have found no explanation in their Food4Rhino page, or even Youtube videos…

If it’s only something they use internally, why include it in a public release ?

I appreciate what they have provided, most keep things in-house so that others have to figure these workflows out themselves. Almost as much as i appreciate the alternative that Rhino provides to the monolithic software providers. We all get better with open source and community driven workflows.

I use all these components on a regular basis.

Get Elefront Attributes acts as a container to move a list of attributes as one through the definitions. The least i use is modify, typically i just define.

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OK, so it’s basically grouping all Key/value pairs into one item for each referenced object.
Now, that makes a whole lot of sense.

What got me confused is the “Elefront attributes” name.
With that name, I thought it was a separate, “proprietary” way of storing attributes, just like what VisualArq is doing.

They should either call it “Grouped attributes”…or explain it a bit better.

I also appreciate that they share these tools.
If it wasn’t for Elefront and Human, GH would still be fancy for sure, but would fall short of being a production tool.

This might clear things up, the VisualArq is Custom User data vs the User Strings that elefront and human and other awesome people use.

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This is one of my gripes against VisualArq, apart from being a pile of bugs.

Thanks for your explanation, and for the link !