eGPU with VRay Surface Pro 4

I’m using Rhino and VRay on a MS Surface Pro 4.
The render time is OK for product renderings, but too slow for interiors.
I don’t want to invest into a new computer, since I’m really happy with the surface.
Would an eGPU be a good option for me? Does it work with VRay?

An external GPU should work well, check Chaosgroup newsgroups, the 3dsMax section has an Hardware thread.

You could consider using V-Ray Cloud, available soon. Check the keynote:

You can’t use eGPU with any version of Surface… you need a Thunderbolt 3 port to plug eGPU


But GPU rendering isn’t the same like CPU rendering. So far I know for interiors the best speed you get per LC+IM. But GPU rendering isn’t using this methods, it’s more something like a progressive rendering and a noise free image needs longer. Maybe I’m wrong. I would be curious to see fast Vray GPU interior renderings too.

For interiors I would try to use Enscape. You could get interior renderings done in a very short time (only a few seconds, if your GPU is powerful).