Rhino Render 7 Cycles & Vray Next Test

Interesting tests.

The interior tests have different HDRi environments between Rhino Render and V-Ray it seems.

Hi @dispyropoulos
Could you give us more info about your results? I would like to know how the render times compare among them, also did you use GPU or CPU. Thanks


Of course Vray is more powerful…

not entirely true anymore… have you used the new v7 features?

Yes, gradient background and hdri sky image was used for rhino render, and Hosek et al sky environment for Vray. Rendering time was a few seconds for studio scene, approximately 35 minutes for Interior 1 Scene in “Good quality” (500 passes) for Rhino Render (with low noise levels at half of that time), 10 minutes at 0.06 noise limit for Vray. GPU was used in both renders, Nvidia Quadro M1000M 2GB with Xeon E3 1505M 2.8 Ghz CPU. Thank you.

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