Editing block appears to delete ALL work


I have run into a huge problem…

This has happened a few times now, and is both incredibly stressful and potentially disastrous for my work.

what appears to be happening is that when I edit a block, and then save the changes, for some reason it deletes ALL the work within the file I am working on…

I am working on files with a lot of information, i.e a years worth of work, so is really not nice… : [

fortunately I am working from drop box, and therefore I am able to go into the version history of the file and down load a version from a few minutes ago before the mass purging of my information…

please let me know if you need any more details for this…



hello McNeel,

Any chance someone could let me know if there is a bug or something I should be looking out for to resolve?



I have just had this happen again… I was working on a big file, and edited a block, and once I applied the changes, it deleted everything in the file…

Can someone at please provide some advise / see what could be making this happen.

I recall something like this in an earlier Service Release.
What version and service release of Mac Rhino are you running?

Were you able to use the Revert Tool in the File pull-down to get back to an earlier version of the file?

HI John,

Thanks for your response.

I am running is Version 6 (6.28.20175.16482, 2020-06-23)

I did not actually know there was a revert function. I will need to try that next time…

What I did try was command+V [im on Mac] which did not work, everything had just disappeared all together.

Look forward to hearing from you,



File pull-down menu > Revert to:
It’s build into MacOS

HI @John_Brock, Thanks, will defiantly try this next time it happens…

do you know what could be causing the issue in any case?


No idea.
I think if you change your work pattern and avoid it.
Never leave Rhino running when your done.
Quit (Cmd+Q) out of the application when you’re through modeling for the day.

Hi guys,
we just ran into this in our office as well. I mean, this is an insanely crazy issue, which should be resolved. Never experienced this before on R6, but now with R7 it just happens. Reverting the file did not help.

I believe you guys also see it as an unacceptable issue. It is extremely dangerous and frustrating…

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