Edited: How to evenly change the position of new bakes?

Hi, guys,

I have been working with the Leap Motion in connection with Grasshopper, Elefront and FabTool the last few days. Nevertheless I haven’t gained so much experience with grasshopper myself yet. I’m reaching my limits now and I would be very happy about help and or tips!

I just don’t understand where to enter the expression (or a formula?) so that when pressing “BAKE” the changed shape of my model is saved on a slightly different position on a new layer to be able to compare them better afterwards?

Would anyone have a small example-file (with or without my code with the LeapMotion) where the position of any model shifts continuously (through a sequence?) on any axis?

Any ideas to solve this?

THANKS IN ADVANCE :slight_smile:

Move it before you bake it?

Moveing before you bake would be more performance friendly.

Otherwise you could look at the latest version of OpenNest, which has a component to transform Rhino objects (based on their GUID, which you could get be referencing them with elefront).

You can move the layers up or down in the layer list.
You can in each layer,first…select the objects into, and then…
move the elements where and what you want.

thanks for your answers. Unfortunately, it’s still not working. I also edited my question again, because it might not have expressed what I’m looking for.

Does anyone have an example file that explains how to change the position of a model continuously through a sequence? I have problems finding the right position for the expression of for example z-50? Currently I can only define the first position. But I was wondering if I can influence the position on each layer?

Series component. Use the next number for each time you bake.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: (but i’m still not there……)

To understand the basics, i am now baking only a sphere! But why does the creation of new layers only work with the first example (marked in turquoise) ?

During the other attempts, I wanted to save the new layer with a continuous number (1 shape, 2 shape, 3 shape…) But Grasshopper only gives me “1 shape”?

Do I have to work with time intervals? Does anyone have an idea how I can integrate them? I would like to have full control over the name of the layers myself. (if this is possible?)

thanks for your tips,
i am still not satisfied with the results, but i will try again! :slight_smile: