Edit option not available

Edit option not available in old topics.

I suppose that’s desired - don’t want people editing old posts after years, might not make much sense. I don’t know what the time limit is though.

precisely 2 month, after that the pencil disappears.

That’s probably settable by McNeel, if people really think it should be changed…

i am pretty sure thats adjustable, but why having a pencil at all, or lets say why removing it at all either. if somebody revisits his postings and decides its not adding anything valuable in this state and wants to enhance it for the sake of good conscience and for others to read “proper” information then why not leaving it even for later. often topics get raised out of the darkness 2 or more years later. information also changes… i strongly believe knowledge should stay dynamic. its a strong feature and we are not using it enough.

Discourse/ Rhino team should organize a poll on this topic among regular user’s. whether it is necessary/not to have edit option in old topics.
P.S : Polls should be there for all similar kinds of issue.

I agree this totally @encephalon

FWIW I don’t like the idea that a Q&A post can be edited after a reply is made - I’d rather see the amendment as a follow up post so that you can follow the narrative.

But where the goal is to produce better structured repositories of detailed knowledge that can be added to and improved over time then I prefer the idea of the wiki post Wiki post ideas?



See here for (lots) more discussion of this:

2 months is indeed the default and McNeel could adjust this if they wish (or set to 0 seconds for unlimited time). The main arguments against a long default time seem to be the possibility of people inserting spam links into popular threads after the event (good way to improve the ranking of your website on Google) and avoiding confusing notifications for other people on the same thread.

The former seems unlikely to me as spambots rarely seem patient enough to wait 2 months. Old posts can become out of date with software updates but remain well referenced on the site search and from internal links - I would welcome the option of going back and editing mine when this happens.

just to get the basis right.

i must be having oddfull thoughts, being able to “allow” editing is something already totalitarian. if i am willing to share my time and my thoughts which i call my property i would not believe anybody should have the right to block or meddle with this property why even? if this property is meant to harm the content in an inappropriate manner, an admin can take care if he must. till then my property should be accessible at any time wished.

if you go to the bank and they decide “hey you are not allowed to use that money anymore because we simply think its better in our own hands”, well then you get the idea of what i am talking about. and no its not a different story. its de-owning you from your rights.

Yes it is!

I’m not sure why you made your reply to my post: did you think I am advocating that you should have no right to express your thoughts anew? I did not say that.

You can do this too :smiley: - create a new post and click on the cog : or ask a moderator, e.g @ brian

i adressed you because you are in fact advocating Totalitarianism, sounds a bit harsch but abstracted to the essence expresses absolutely what is going on with our posts, after 2 month.

at least one is able to delete them still from what i have seen, which then on the other side again makes even less sense while disallowing editing. but i have not followed far enough back yet to see if even this gets impossible after some time which would be just as bad as not being able to edit.

Untrue, and insulting.

I advocated a) the preservation of historical narrative in Q&A posts, which does not preclude posting revised ideas later (as one can do at present), and b) the use of community-editable wiki posts where the intention is to build a body of knowledge.


Even I was planning to tag Brian in this thread and ask for it.
@brian my kind request you to have a look at this thread.


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After careful reflection I support this request. It feels a little paternalistic to prevent editing- I don’t think that feature is appropriate for this community but I look forward to hearing other views.



dear @jeremy5 dont feel insulted, there is nothing evil addressed against the goodness of your soul.
but, when you click at that small pencil then all the history of changes is listed.
adding yet another post in these endless sausages making it a paper chase for knowledge or whatever you call it, is not adding further value. i personally like it compact, i love revising my posts infinitely. i basically cant get enough of it :see_no_evil:


How far back would you like to be able to edit your posts?

5 to 6 months old topics

It’s now set to 6 months; if that becomes a problem, we can change it back.