Wiki post ideas?

So there is this option to make a wiki post (regular users have this option) and I want to see if we can gather ideas where this might be useful for. So if you do have ideas, you can edit this post :slight_smile:

Edited. :slight_smile: // Rolf

So, apart from being able to edit a communal post, how does this differ from a normal post? Is it fully wiki’ed up so you can see the edit history, who changed what etc? Regards Jeremy

Example might be: making a list of all posts about fillet edge failures, then all can be added by anyone to the top post. So things stay together.

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How about we create a post similar to the one created by David Rutten about “how to ask questions” in a Wiki format?
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What happens when 5 to 6 members edit at the same time

Not yet sure if there is any added value. Wonder if the title can also be changed by others?
Btw it’s not a wiki as in Wikipedia
Here is some info:

However, unlike that article mentions, here is still a reply button

Hmm, could be interesting. We already have a Wiki, but not many people can edit it. This would be more open. However, it does risk to further create “information dilution” - too many different places to look to find answers.

In any case, if it’s to be useful as a Wiki, it needs to have it’s own category.

I agree. What I would find useful if there was a place you can point people to (which could be the wiki post) that covers a faq. Then theses faq wiki posts can be adjusted/refined by active users along the way when new cases demand additional info.

The wiki post could also be just a link collector so that all related posts about a subject can be placed in a growing list

That’s what the current Wiki does (or is intended to do). However, the number of editors is very limited… This might be easier, but at the same time attract a lot of miscellaneous stuff. What will be interesting is when there is a disagreement, as anyone can edit anyone else’s info in the post, could be a free-for-all…

XNURBS anyone? :laughing:

On a more serious note, the invitation was to edit the original wiki post, but we’ve automatically dropped back into regular thread post mode. I think that could cause problems with the integrity of a wiki.

That is normal. Even a wiki post will have discussion. And that is something you do seperately from editing the information the initial post contains.

Handling the discussion in the original post is weird, IMO.

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yes but I think that in practice, this will regulate itself. But the interesting part is that everyone CAN add something along the way. I imagine that someone has this problem, finds the wiki but also finds a solution later that was not on that page. Of couse it can be added as a comment in a reply, but keeping the information together could be nice

there’s two things: I was merely trying out the button and found out that replying was possible even though the article said it was not possible. For the rest it is now a discussion about the wiki feature, so posting in a normal way makes more sense

I agree, one more reason why I continued a normal discussion. If there would be a ‘real’ wiki item the top one should only contain the information/summary.

this is maybe even a very good example, where if the top post was a wiki post, information could be summarized there


Here is a great example

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I’d like to propose R7 SubD as a topic. Info on commands and best practice is currently scattered across posts, and not all them are relevant to the current build.