Editing a post bumps the topic

Editing a post bumps the topic.

it’s not ‘normal’ forum behavior… i’m not against it but i edit just about every post i make at some point (typos or secondary thoughts etc) and rarely do these edits warrant a topic bump… if i thought i had something important enough to add which will bump the topic, i’d make a new post.

idk- i’m not necessarily suggesting changing the behavior… just saying it feels sort of weird every time i edit a post.

Editing the last post does bump a topic, yes. But only the last post.

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well, as long as you’re aware of the behavior and want it to be that way, i’m completely fine with it being set up like that.

maybe this is more of a disclaimer thread for me then-- i’m not bumping topics around here for the sake of bumping topics… i’m doing it because i type too fast without paying as much attention as i should :smile:

There is a 5 minute grace period for editing posts, so as long as your edits on the last post in the topic happen in that 5 minute period after posting, they will not bump.

Edits after 7, 10, 20 minutes will.

ok. thanks for the explanation.