Edit a mesh

Hi! I want to make a closing mechanism for an orthosis (mesh) that I created with gh, the mechanism consis in a cube joined to the surface of the orthosis, like you can see in the picture

I wanted to know, if it was possible to make on Rhino

Yes, it‘s possible in Rhino and in GH. You have another question?

Hi Tim! Thank you for answering
Yes, which one do you think it’s the easiest approach?
And which commands do I need to use for making it?

This post has some useful information. Read the entire link.

Sorry :see_no_evil:
I am new in Rhino and Gh, and I wanted to learn how to make that mechanism of closure, I made my mesh using gh, and then tried to make that mechanism in solidworks but my computer gets too slow so I figure maybe I could do It in Rhino

I didn’t want you to think that I was looking for someone to do the task I was just looking for some advice

This is the file, If someone could explain to me how can I do it I would be very grateful

tt.stl (10.4 MB)

Hello - if you are looking to just add features, it can be done but it may take some work - you’ll need to mark the location and find an orientation plane for the detail to add, build the detail in Rhino, convert it to a mesh and MeshBooleanUnion to your part - at least that is what comes to mind starting from the mesh - though it’s not clear to me that your object is better as a mesh than surfaces, but presumably you have reasons for that.

The attached has a simple box added - is it something like that that you are after?

tt_PG.3dm (4.3 MB)


Yes! That is what I want to do!

I am new at this, have patience with me :see_no_evil: How can I transform the mesh into a surface?