Edge surface cannot make a full surface and so I am having problem with the brep

Hello everyone,

I tryed to make a edge surface from those top curves but the result wasnt quite regular and this resulted on a sloppy brep afterall. Is there a way to get a regular surface in this case so I can fillet the brep edges without the picture problem?


decaybox.gh (19.5 KB)

P.S. I don’t see any problem here with EdgeSrf, the problem is how does one fillet such an awkward shape?

You could trim the “sloppy” fillet like this (white group):

decaybox_2020May25a.gh (29.5 KB)

And there are more edges of that cube that could be filleted but I would use a text panel list of edge indicies rather than a bunch of sliders. Use the included ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool to find more edges that could easily be filleted

decaybox_2020May25b.gh (34.1 KB)

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Or like this, if you want cleaner result…

decaybox_RE.gh (23.4 KB)


by saying problem of the surface i mean that the surface could not be made as one unit and is segmented.

Thanks for the solution

thanks man, its way simpler