Filleting Edges of Specific Surfaces using GH

I’m sure the answer is right in front of me, I’m just not seeing it.

I want to fillet all of the edges of all the top surfaces of my geometries, so I threw together this code, but I’m getting stuck at the last step.

Error Message: 1. Edge index exceeds the edge count of the brep. I’ve put in a search here and google, but returned no (good) results. Where did I go wrong? I tried joining my curves, but that didn’t help.

After watching this Youtube video I tried to use the member index using the center points of each curve, but that returned the same result.

Any planar surfaces should work, I would recommend testing it with something simple.

Fillet Top (13.7 KB)

Your help is appreciated.

Please upload your GH file with internalize data.

That explains why my first code isn’t working, why not the second? Even when the Member Index is flattened?

Please upload your GH file with internalize data, or rhino3dm file.

Fillet Top (24.3 KB)

Fillet Top (15.1 KB)

hope it helps~

YES!!! That’s it! Thanks for your help!