How to regularize this surface so it wont be split?

Hi, i am struggling at convert the edges made with crvblend to a surface. I thought it would be a simple task but it turnout to be more complex since it wont make a unitary regular surface. I tryed to use the edges surface from pufferfish and could achieve the shape i wanted, but still it made 4 surfaces which i wouldn’t mind, but whenever i offset the surface i get some glitches on the brep. Someone know how to workaround this situation or how can i get a better shape moddeling to achieve the form? (20.0 KB)

one solution might be to rebuild the curves A+A’ and B+B’ after the join (21.8 KB)

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hummm nice, i tried to rebuild the surface but didn’t tought about rebuilding the curve

unfortunatelly it still gets the same problem as the first image