Edge Softening is gone?

Is Edge Softening gone?
In the properties panel - is gone. The command is unknown.
What happened?
Could it be that I’ve “tweaked” it out of existence somehow?


Hi - Have you also checked this with the V-Ray plug-in disabled and restarted Rhino?
As for the command - these were all removed and are accessible only through the properties UI.

That’s a nice catch since I’ve also updated VRay today, but it doesn’t seem to be causing this bug.

I found the problem - while looking around in the Plug-ins.
The “Displacement” plug-in was disabled.

I’m 100% sure that this was not my doing.
Could this be VRay? Is it actually possible for a plugin to disable other plugins?

Hi -

That was going to be my next question, yes. We’ve seen this become disabled a few times before and it seems that the others were also running V-Ray. That doesn’t mean that’s the cause, or even related, for that matter.
Let us know if that gets disabled again, please.

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