Edge selection inside Grasshopper

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make edge selection inside grasshopper an easier task.

Here you can see I’m using CHECK LIST from Heteroptera in order to select edges (very nice component), but the order of edges that FILLET component receives doesn’t match. Anyone knows why?

I’m also testing VALUE LIST in order to select edges. In this case is a simple geometry, but let’s say that the object has 123 edges… is there a way to set the VALUE LIST component to the total length of the list with out having to type all the numbers in separate lines?


just use a series ?

fillet_all_edges.gh (8.4 KB)

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not trying to fillet ALL edges. I want to be able to select edges in an easier way.
If the object has 123 edges and I need to select edges number 20, 31, 42, 64, 65 and 6110, I want to be able to select them fast not having to type this numbers on a Panel for example.
Sometimes when I make a modification to a design ( I’m an industrial designer) edges order on a list change. Then I have to revise the number for each edge and retype this numbers again and again.

PICK VEF is half broken in R8, it only returns indices, R7, OK.
This should be a GH1 function by default.

Sorry about this: Google says your pOd file violates their terms of service and prevents access to it. I’ve run into this problem myself with a Wordpress blog backup file; I haven’t been able to find a way around it.

Possible, This is not mine.

Oh, you mean GDrive? Ok, let me look into that.

Yep, google says it might have violated google policy and I need to submit the zip file to them to audit, I already submitted several times.

I reuploaded the files to GitHub.

echosori/pOd: I am not the author of this plugin. Power of Dream was created by Levin (github.com)

Welcome to the club - I’ve done that more than a dozen times and have never got any response.

Thanks for making it available to download. I design things for 3D printing and I’ve often had to use Cherrypicker to find the index value for the edges I want to fillet. This method should make that lots easier.

Maybe this one will get included into native GH?

Very interesting! could you share the plug in? I have pOD GH Button but I don’t see the components you show on the video.


OMG, this is insane! thanks so much, life will be so much faster lol…

Hi @Quan_Li Does that component references sub curves persistently? Say the shape loses an edge, will the fillets in this example stay on the remaining edges that were previously chosen? Or would they shift because the edge indices change?

So far from what I plaid around with is an extruded square combined with a semi-sphere added with solid union and once you select the edges you want, a list of numbers get selected.
When I convert the square to a pentagon or hexagon, the edges that match the edge list get filleted, but only this numbers. This means a new selection needs to be done.
But is not so bad as before when the selection has to be done with a panel and numbers.

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Thanks for the break down @idmartinortiz !

I once saw @DavidRutten saying he will not make big changes to GH1, instead will focus on GH2, So… Yeah, I don’t expect good thing like that would happen. Maybe I do wish post, see if he responds?

See the GitHub page. pOd consists of 3 plugins. The other two are not published on F4R.

Oh, I don’t think so.
I guess it bakes the geometry temporary into Rhino and return the topology index and actual geometry (selected V, E, F), so every time when users press the button, it bakes again.

Mesh Plus has same function but only for mesh I guess, it is what Mesh Plus explains, bake-select-delete.

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Understood, thanks for your response @Quan_Li ! I’ve been on the hunt for some kind of semi-persistent sub curve reference for GH but have had no luck!

See this. It even can use a lasso tool to navigate through complex geometries.

Forget the indices. You need to come up with a logic to filter the edges which need to be filleted.

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