Edge fillet tool in 7 WIP

Has the edge fillet tool been improved in 7 WIP or likely to be? because it is still shite-bollocks in 6

Don’t count on it. Either start learning to use FilletSrf, which is very robust, or fillet your stuff in a program that uses a ParaSolid Kernel.

It would be a very good idea to be able to implement a Parasolid kernel for fillet (always very limited) in Rhino. Finally a cut would be given to the stone age fillets generated in Rhino, which many times fail or return results from mental exhaustion!
Of course, maybe the cost of Rhino should increase a little (everything for free is unthinkable).

yeah, I’ve been thinking of switching to maybe Solidthinking (or is it Evolve these days) but unless I win the lottery it’s not likely.

My guess it’s a bit more than a little + probably yearly fees. So no thanks, I already have a Solidworks license.

Although it is more work in Rhino you can solve all fillets with FilletSrf where even the ParaSolid modelers fail.


Then it is better to do nothing. It was an unfortunate hypothesis, let’s keep the fillet of Rhino!