Best software to make fillets exporting from rhino?

I usually need to create variable multi blend fillets which cause rhino to fail the fillet edge command. I know it is possible to create all kind of fillets using more tools to model in the gaps but I find myself losing a lot of time on these operations. Is there any software that does those fillets automatically? Can I export from rhino? Thanks a lot.

I bought SpaceClaim back in 2008 to help with modeling deficiencies in Rhino 4. When Rhino 5 came out, I dropped the maintenance on SpaceClaim because Rhino, with the addition of the gumball and sub-object editing, could do the things I used to need SpaceClaim for. It was also useful for some filleting, but would often fail if the part was even slightly “organic” in nature. One of the really nice features of SpaceClaim was the Fill tool for removal of a fillet. I seldom open SpaceClaim anymore, as I find that if I can’t fillet with the FilletEdge command, then most likely SpaceClaim will fail too. I find that the FilletSrf command will fillet anything, with a bit of effort.

I’ve also tried filleting in OnShape, and it works occasionally for difficult filleting operations, but it also fails if the part is of an “organic” nature. At the end of the day, Rhino always ends up getting the job done.

It will be interesting to see if anyone has found a product that is capable of more automated filleting.


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PTC Creo (Granite kernel) consistently outperforms at rounds (their term for fillet), often filleting what the other fail at. It even has an ‘auto round’ feature. I realize Creo may be out of reach for many, but you asked…

Follow the kernel…

Next best, IMO (at not fillet failing) uses Parasolid, i.e., Solidworks, NX, OnShape, etc.

(Note - I’ve never worked with CATIA and the CGM kernel. No clue how it stacks up)

Close to Parasolid, in lack of fillet failure, is Autodesk ShapeManager, an ACIS fork (presumably improved). Fusion will round stuff Rhino craps out on…(likely best best for those on a budget.)

ACIS based, such as SpaceClaim, typically bottom of big 3-4 kernel robustness list, IMO.

It would be sweet if there was a Rhino Granite g-plug…