Easy LCA in Grasshopper

Introducing Cardinal LCA for simple environmental impact analysis in Grasshopper!

The current trial version focuses on stages A1-A3 and analyzes the embodied impacts (Global Warming Potential, kgCO2e) using the EC3 and ICE 2019 database.

Download the tool fromHERE.
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Hi there,

I’ve been trying to use Cardinal and it’s easy to understand. I’ve tryied to color the results but I see the downloaded components are not the same shown on the example files or the pictures shown here. Can you please show me the way to find the version of cardinal used in the example files/pictures?

Hi @erick, thanks for reaching out. The highlighted colour swatch in the Grasshopper can be changed to change the colours of the graph or the 3D mapping. The screenshot is from the demo file itself.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @cardinal.lca.contact for the answer. Unfortunately, the lowbound/highbound connection points don’t appear if I click on the component itself.

Hi @erick, Can you delete the current version you have, download the plugin again from Food4Rhino, and then copy the files again to your Gh library? Let us know if that still does not work. Thank you and sorry for the trouble!