E-mail adress used for upgrade validation

Lets say I have a client with a V5 installed locally and validated with a specific e-mail address. Now, they purchase a V7 upgrade and they create a Rhino account, but not using the same e-mail address. Normally I have to contact McNeel to have them change the validation for the V5 to the new e-mail address so that the upgrade will accept the validation. However, since one is allowed to add more than one e-mail address to a Rhino account - would the V7 upgrade validate correctly if they added their original V5 address to the account in addition to the new one? Or does it only work with the e-mail address that the Rhino account was created with?


Hi Mitch,
Theoretically, if the Rhino 5 email is added to their Rhino account as a secondary email, the validation for Rhino 7 update should go through.

Generally, the owner of the license can add the email address to their Rhino Account - IF it is their own email address (i.e. not a former employer) and IF it it still a valid email address.

Of course McNeel Customer service available to help if there is another reason why the validation is not successful.

Mary Ann Fugier

Thanks Mary!