Dynamic Zoom keyboard shortcut

Let’s forget Ctrl+RMouseB for a sec. to Dynamic Zoom.

> Scenario:

I’m setting up a keyboard shortcut to invoke Dynamic Zoom - let’s say [ Ctrl+Q ] == [ _Zoom _Dynamic ].
When the keyboard shortcut is activated. The dooly ± icon shows, but you still need to click inside the viewport and then go back and forth with the mouse.

When using my drawing tablet, when I had Ctrl+RMB set on a button shortcut, the press of the button, moving the pen [even without pressing on the tablet], back and forth, behaved the same as the original keyboard+mouse behavior.

Now, the problem is that they screwed up the drivers, and now I cannot connect keyboard shortcuts with mouse presses.

I would like to know, if there is a way to set up the keyboard shortcut to behave the same as the keyboard+mouse navigation shortcut - which means, to have the shortcut jump right into the back-forth behavior, without having to click inside t viewport.

Hello - as far as I can see you do need to click once to start the action, I do not see a way to change that off hand.


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Well, I will solve it by scripting the shortcut and mouse click. I was hoping for a more direct solution. Thanks.

Also, here’s an idea for the UI - Mouse Gestures.
Add it to our discussion for - A complete UI overhaul of Rhino would be a much welcomed move

This is a recording from Vivaldi browser.

Assigning a shortcut plus a mouse gesture would make for an awesome way to invoke shortcuts.
This would especially be useful for all of us that work with graphic pens.