DXF Layers versus Rhino Layers

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This might not be a Rhino/3dm question but I’m trying to batch edit dxfs exported from Rhino using the python ezdxf library - I’ve managed to batch edit the dxfs in a directory by adding a new layer. The layer is visible when opening the dxf in Autodesks Trueview but not visible in the Rhino layers panel. My understanding is that the new layer is being added to LAYER table in the dxf but the Rhino layers are stored/referenced somewhere else in the dxf, i.e. as extended metadata (XDATA?)

Is there any information on how to access this or what I should be looking to edit to get the layers consistent between the dxf and the Rhino layers when making changes using something like ezdxf?

Bonus points if anyone has any examples :grin:

Hi @Lukxf,

Did you ever get this sorted out?

Rhino layers are stored in DXF as good old LAYER entities.

– Dale

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Thanks for replying & sorry for the late response @Dale.

Realised my trouble was there weren’t anything on the new layers so they weren’t appearing in Rhino, just needed to change settings to “import unreferenced layers” when bring in the dxf.