Rhino Layers

Hi all!
When i open .dxf file in Rhino to do some changes into file

  1. Delete “Layer 0” and “Default layer”.
  2. Rename layers. Example - Layer “POCKETS” i rename to layer “Pockets”.
  3. “Join” all lines what i have in layer.
  4. I reorder layers positions.
  5. Save again into .dxf file.
    After done this staps when i open new .dxf file i still see
  6. “Default layer” and “Layer 0”. I dont need they in the file. They created automatically… i dont need they. How to fix this?
  7. Names of layers is uppercase, but i renamed layers. Layer “POCKETS” renamed to layer “Pockets”. But layer name still in uppercase. How to fix this?
  8. I reorder layer positions but they at same positions like in original .dxf file. How to fix this?
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