Dxf file opened in Rhino has microscopic font for dimensions

I have opened someones .dxf drawing into V5 and the dimensions are so small I have to zoom in to microscope level to see them.

The plan title was 12mm tall placing ruler on screen (almost on glass) and the dimension was a thin line no different to model lines, no visible arrows at ends, and a 1 pixel tall something in the middle of the line. Zoomed heavily its a number. SelDim finds them, I alter then to my dimension style in use.
It wasnt like that he says on his when the title was that tall on screen.
Not sure what prog he is using, its a low price CAD prog.
Is there anything he should be selecting when exporting as .dxf ?

The dims layer is 0 as is the model, all in black. just plan work, no surfaces etc.

the model came in 4 model sizes off to the right, surely if he was with origin somewhere in thois model as my plan is of the same item it would open where mine was ?

Initially it came in massive.
I tried again selecting layout cm and model cm as he is using cm when I am inches on what built in inches.
Are both those choices ok ?
It is now same size so presume so.
However his overall width displays as 19.99 and mine is 1998.88 inches.
His overall height is 893.99 and mine is 893.99, these measuring his dimensions lengths. How become his width is 100x out ?

My top view has his top front and rear view in it. Should a dxf export mainatain what we normally see, 3 ortho panes ? has he placed these into one view I wonder ?

I worry can having someones dxf ‘within’ my project cause gremlins later on ?