Dx and dy domain inputs on the SDBrepOrMeshSplit

Can someone give me a brief explanation of the use of the dx and dy domain inputs on the SDBrepOrMeshSplit. I’ve just been applying arbitrary values from a slider which allows me to change the texture tiling. But what is a less random approach?

Hi Jon,

SDBrepOrMeshSplit component splits breps or meshes into groups or faces for texturing. Faces will be grouped by their normal vector and in case of meshes, texture coordinates can be also applied by using the “dx” and “dy” inputs. Any remaining faces that don’t match the default normal vectors will be added to a planar or unplanar group.

Another input that this component has is an “Angle of Tolerance” in degrees for unwelding and splitting meshes. If you don’t give an angle greater than 0, the mesh won’t be unwelded and will be taken as a single face, preventing the split. The last input is a boolean element which defines weather the breps should be meshed.

Hope this helps.

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