Splitting simple objects to apply different materials to each surface

Apologies, noob question. I’m trying to find a way to split a simple object (pretty much a box) into individual surfaces so I can apply different materials to each (wooden box needs face, side and end grain patterns). I tried this:

But all the outputs of SDBrepOrMeshSplit (except unplanar) give Empty Geometry Parameter errors. Maybe I don’t understand planar in this context, in which case how do I make the box planar. Or I am misunderstanding how to use this component.

The angle tolerance parameter (second from the bottom) defines a tolerance for welding the mesh before splitting it. If you leave it to zero (by default) then the mesh won’t be split. Since you are splitting a box, you can just set a low tolerance (1 for example) and your faces should come out sorted as expected.
Let me know if that solves your issue.

That works! Thanks. I would not have guessed that the angle tolerance was at all critical for a planar box. Might be worth making the default 1 to avoid the gotcha for others?

BTW, You’ve heard this many times I’m sure, but ShapeDiver is amazing. The answer to my prayers. I wish you enormous success with it!

That’s a good suggestion, we’ll include it in our next release. Thanks for the kind words!