DWG export of symmetric text

Hello, I am using Rhino for a long time but new on the forum.

I’m writing today to report a text export bug in DWG format.
When the text is symmetric, Rhino 6 makes it appear correctly but this correction disappears when exporting to DWG.

Is there a simple manipulation to correct this on a very large number of different texts?

thank you in advance

Is the text in AutoCAD “text” or “Mtext”?

There’s a difference. I haven’t worked with AutoCAD for quite some time, but one of these types of texts inside AutoCAD are treated like blocks, so if you mirror them they will appear flipped.

The easiest way as far as I remember to go from Mtext to Text is if you explode them. Then they should appear normally.

Hello, I do not use Autocad but simply Trueview to check my export. These are our subcontractors who work with Autocad, that’s why I’m looking for how to make them a clean file with Rhino, without the need to rework the texts.

Have you checked with the subcontractors to see what your files look like in actual AutoCAD?

yes it’s the same, trueview and autocad it’s autodesk …

I’m not sure what that means…
Can you post a simple example in 3dm format that has issues with DWG export?

thank you for your research
You will find an excerpt from my file below
text symetric.3dm (138.7 KB)

Thanks for that file - I can see the issue in that file here.
Just to be sure, when you say “symmetric” - do you mean that you have mirrored that text?

yes that’s right, I did a mirror function.

@mgrenier - I think the basic problem is that there is a property in annotation styles that is set on by default to display text oriented to be readable when it is viewed upside down or from the back, etc.
That property affects drawing in Rhino but not the geometric definition of the text. The text will be exported to Acad as it is defined, without the drawing adjustment. The reason for that is that the text can be viewed from the front in one viewport and the back in another and it would be undefined which orientation to choose if we were to try to export it as drawn.

So, to avoid the changes when you export, you can turn off that Rhino viewing feature and adjust your text to look like you want it to export.

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Thank you very much for this information. This makes it possible to return to a functioning like on Rhino V5. But it’s a shame not to take advantage of this evolution, it would be nice to export the texts as we see them.