Convert .DWG to 3dm using Rhino Compute

Is it possible to convert a .dwg file from disk into .3dm using Rhino Compute?

const filePath = './sample.dwg'
const fileData = fs.readFileSync(filePath).toString('utf8') rhino compute code/call goes here

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We need to add a new endpoint for rhino.compute to support file conversion to 3dm. Technically this could be achieved by passing a python script to compute and returning a base64 encoded version of the 3dm file, but this approach doesn’t seem nearly as elegant as simply having a new endpoint called something like /to3dm

I added this to our bug tracker at Create to3dm endpoint · Issue #415 · mcneel/compute.rhino3d · GitHub
and will see what we can do to get this implemented soon

Here’s an option, in the form of a sample Rhino Compute plug-in.

Hey @will . Did you have an example of going in the opposite direction? We have some .dwg and .dxf files and we would like to go from those to a .3dm file.

I think you would need to write the dwg/dxf to a temporary file on the server and then import it into a headless doc.

// read request body and write to temp path with correct extension
var doc = Rhino.RhinoDoc.CreateHeadless(null);
doc.WriteFile("path/to/file.3dm", new FileWriteOptions());
// read "path/to/outfile.3dm" and return in response

Note, there isn’t currently any support for configuring file import settings.

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Awesome, cheers!