RhinoDoc.Import with default Set DWG options

Hi, I have one question regarding to the RhinoDoc method.
I would like to use RhinoDoc.Import to import some CAD files in Rhino Document, and here’s the code inside the C# scripting component.

private void RunScript(string filePath, bool read, bool export, ref object A)

Like the photo shows, after I press the first Read Toggle. Rhino Document called the Import method, and stop the grasshopper once.
I have to manually check the Set DWG import options in the Rhino Document to move on, but I basically always just press Enter, using the default options.

I would like to ask if there’s a way that I can automation this process with some scripts in C# component. Making the Rhino Document knows that I accept all default options( User don’t need to press Enter manually), and start import .dwg files in RhinoDoc.

Here’s the sample files:
architectural_example-imperial.dwg (145.2 KB)

RhinoDocImportQuestion.gh (8.3 KB)

Thanks. All the best.

Some other articles I found, might be useful for this topic.
To make the command in RhinoDocument run. We might need to script the RunScript command like this article suggests.

Also I found this reply from this article.