Duplicate names make Containers list confusing

If I open the Containers list and see two entries with the same name there is no way to be sure which one I need without going to Container Manager and clicking the relevant dropdown buttons. Enforcing unique naming would ameliorate that.

hi @jeremy5 I don’t see that here:

Hi @Gijs,

Maybe what I see is a legacy of earlier betas. If I now rename one of the “OSnap” entries I can’t set it back to “OSnap” because that is already in use, so that’s good.

However, if I try to add a series of new containers and call them all “Test”, then the first becomes “Test” as expected. Renaming the second to “Test” throws up a duplicate name warning and appends “01”. Renaming the third to “Test” throws the warning after just three letters, “Tes” and will create the name “Tes 01”, rather than letting you create “Test 02”. It is impossible to type in a “t” after the “Tes”.

As a workaround you can enter “Tesk 02” and then re-edit to replace the “k” with a “t”.

And having got a “Test 01” and a “Test 02”, you can then be naughty and edit the “Test 02” and make it a second “Test 01”:


So, by foolishness we can mess ourselves up. That’s a papercut.

Beta 8.0.23269.15063, 2023-09-26