Duplicate graph mapper?

I have a graph mapper that’s working great for its intended purpose. Now I find myself needing to use the same curve for a different purpose.

I’m not seeing a way to add inputs/outputs to graph mapper, but the ideal would be something like how the data dam component works, where you can just add new pairs of ins/outs.

Is there a good way to use the same graph to remap two totally different trees that have different domains? I think I see a way to normalize the domains, multiplex the trees, map, demux, and then remap results to original domains… but ugh, that can’t be the best way, can it?

You can put the graph mapper into a cluster file which is saved on the disk and reference twice. Other than that merging your trees into one and then peeling them apart again is the way to go. Not ideal, but since graphs aren’t a datatype in GH 1 there’s no good way to use a specific graph more than once.