SOM Tower grasshopper

Here is a tower with two Graph Mapper components:

If/when you understand Graph Mapper, you can answer that yourself. It looks to me like they are being used for two different purposes in the green group (your image) and the post I linked to. (did you study that?) The purple group appears to use them for a compound effect?

Discussing images of code instead of actual GH files is a waste of time.

No. There are hundreds of examples on this forum of Graph Mapper and towers. Good luck.

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What’s going on in this discussion @bara.ababnehhhh ? The title is just nonsense, no despcrition, all replies are deleted,no apreciation for @Joseph_Oster 's help…

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Looks like he went away mad, not pleased with the limited “help” I offered. I guess he was expecting a detailed analysis and explanation of why combining two Graph Mapper components doesn’t behave the way he expected.

This is the GH file he (she?) posted, in case anyone else wants to try: (19.1 KB)

If I had more patience for chit-chat, I might have suggested adding the two instead of using them serially, but it didn’t occur to me until later and I don’t know what @bara.ababnehhhh expected. (13.5 KB)

P.S. A potentially amusing enhancement? Added a ‘GM2_effect’ slider (0 to 5, blue group) that affects the contribution of the second Graph Mapper component. (14.2 KB)