Duplicate a file does not duplicate the Title in header in R7?

Upgraded to rhino 7 while I bought the R6 upgrade in Sep. 2020, 3 mounts a go. Not nice, had to pay the full upgrade amount. If I knew this I would not have bought the upgrade of R6!

That said, I’m not pleased to see and experience that Duplicate a file Shift+Command+S does not duplicate the Title header nor does it chose the right file path?
Why does the a “duplicate” go to the folder Autosave Information???
The file path should be the same as the folder where the original file resides!

Why is this not resolved? Very annoying, cost a lot of time to re-write the file name.
NOT very handy when you have dyslexia…
And then relocate the original folder with the possibility the save it in the wrong folder!

This was not the case in R5! There I only had to remove “copy” in the header and put an incremental.

Please, Please, Please nail this BUG.


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Hello - I see that thanks.

RH-62594 Duplicate file: behavior tune up


RH-62594 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

This is NOT fixed on my end…

YES…with the latest version R7 7.4 it is fixed. Thank you so much, this is a REAL time saver for me.