Duplicating a File different in Rhino Mac Version 6 (6.22.20028.13212, 2020-01-28)

when I duplicate a file, I have to retype the name from: Unsaved Rhinoceros Document

and browse away from the default location: Autosave Information to my desired location EVERY TIME.

I used to just add a version number to the name and it saved in the same location, how do I fix this?

This did not happen in Version 5.

Also, all files open in a new window, how do I get them to open as a new tab in the same window?

Thank you!

Can anyone help?

you can merge your models into tabs from the Window menu drop down, ‘merge all windows’, screenshot attached
yes when duplicating I see the same, I’m not sure if that’s intended ??

Thank you, what if MERGE ALL WINDOWS is greyed out and not allowing me to merge them?

go into rhino preferences, General, and tick the merge all windows into one window, screenshot attached , hth