Dull Kink after joining curves and removing merged point

When joining two curves, which were matched creates a dull kink.

I deleted the point where the two lines were joined so that a kink would be removed, but now a dull kink appear. (blue curve, capture area)

When using same control points to recreate a deg3 curve, the curve is smooth at that area. (white curve)

Any way to fix it up without doing rebuild? or doing it over?

DullKinkProblem.3dm (29.9 KB)

Hello - try MakeUniform on the dull-kink curve - does that clean it up?


It did clean it up.
Will other points be moved by this command?

Also, what is it that caused this kind of dull kink? (I’d like to avoid making them in the first place)

Hello - if you remove control points from a curve by just deleting them, there’s a good chance that the resulting curve will have non-uniform knots - making a new curve snapping to the same points will make a uniform curve.When curves or surfaces are non-uniform, the points are not so ‘well behaved’… RemoveControlPoint might be a better choice than just delete - I have to check but I think that may also make the result uniform.


Thank you pascal.
I’ll try RemoveControlPoint next time.
For some maybe not, but for me it helps to know how the tools works behind the scenes.